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TaBriX welcomes first private investment

TaBriX has welcomed their first private investment to fund their work.   

The investment, made by Dr David Denning, Professor of Infectious Diseases in Global Health at The University of Manchester and until recently, a practising clinician, will support the development of a series of first-in-class anti-TB drug candidates with a novel mode of action. When used in combination with current TB therapies, these candidates have the potential to reduce multidrug-resistant infections, increase efficacy of current antibiotics by 50% and reduce treatment time and relapse.  

Dr Denning, said: “I have looked after 100’s of people with TB or NTM infections and they are always a challenge. Long courses of therapy, drug side effects and drug-drug interactions are all  too common with current therapies and cure is uncertain, especially for NTM infections. I hope my modest investment will accelerate this innovative approach to curing TB and TM disease.”

Professor Lydia Tabernero, TaBriX’s  founder, said: “We are very grateful to Dr Denning and his generous investment.  We are at an exciting point in TaBriX’s journey of seeing a day when serious infections such as tuberculosis are eradicated, and with support such as this, we hope to make this goal an achievable reality sooner than later.” 

This first round of external investment falls under the UK’s SEIS rules (and has been pre-approved). The next investment round in 2023 will be EIS eligible. 

To find out more about TaBriX and their vital work fighting difficult-to-treat infections, visit .