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About TaBriX

TaBriX is a new spin-out company from The University of Manchester (UoM) with the mission to create novel anti-virulence drugs to fight difficult-to-treat infections.  TaBriX’s initial focus is on the treatment of drug-resistant TB.

The team has developed a series of first-in-class anti-TB drug candidates with a novel mode of action. When used in combination with current TB therapies, these candidates have the potential to: 

  • reduce multidrug-resistant infections
  • increase efficacy of current antibiotics by 50%
  • reduce treatment time and relapse 

The biological processes targeted by TaBriX’s drug candidates are found in more than 50 other human microbial pathogens, including Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM), which cause serious pulmonary infections on the rise worldwide.

TaBriX targets are also present in the priority list organisms of the World Health Organisation, responsible for drug-resistant infections.

The TaBriX team has demonstrated that their compounds have activity against drug-resistant TB and NTM infections, and are building on this validation to unlock the potential application to other microbial infections in large markets.

The TaBriX Company Mission

  • Tackle the global threat of drug resistant TB
  • Exploit a novel mode of action and therapeutic properties of our compounds as:
    • Resistance breakers (effective on drug-resistance microbes)
    • Antibiotic potentiators (increases efficacy of antibiotics)
    • Improved pathology (reduction of inflammation, reduction of lesions)
  • Build on the validation in TB to unlock the potential application to other microbial infections in wider markets
  • Target vulnerable patient populations where the needs, and potential returns, are highest (diabetics, COPD, CF, immunosupressed, co-infected with HIV)