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Developing Innovative Solutions To Treat Drug-Resistant Infections

TaBriX focuses on the development of drugs that target novel, unexplored biological pathways to fight difficult-to-treat infections, such as tuberculosis, and tackle the global threat of drug resistance.

Global Threat

About TaBriX

latest news

TaBriX welcomes first private investment

TaBriX has welcomed their first private investment to fund their work.   

TaBriX receives award from the ERDF

TaBriX has received an award from the European Regional Development Fund Research and Innovation Hea…

TaBriX awarded by UoM Innovation Factory

TaBriX has recently received a Proof-of-Principle award from the University of Manchester Innovation…

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We are looking for support and investment to help us achieve our important goals. To Find out how you can support TaBriX, contact us at us at the link below.